Mobile Store Management :-

The Mobile Store Management System is one can go into almost required solution regarding the Mobile store. This software package provides guidance for all the mobile shop purpose, as a perfect guide, the current demand for such software became needful.


Products (model wise,brand wise,)

we observe that mobile product pages often cause a range of highly severe usability issue. Often the mobile product page designs cause users to completely overlook important product images or, even worse, completely overlook entire product page content sections

IMEI Tracker(status)

IMEI Search System to determine the exact location of where your mobile is currently located. It Works throughout the world & approximately detects all kinds of phones by doing lookup with GPRS Mobile Navigation System connected to satellites.


Integrated personal knowledge of products to sale and met individual and department sales goals.Contacted customers to follow up on previous purchases while suggesting new merchandise and informing them about promotions and upcoming events.

Pro forma Invoices

An estimated invoice sent by a seller to a buyer in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It notes the kind and quantity of goods, their value, and other important information such as weight and transportation charges, with a quotation, or for customs purposes in importation.


Purchase descriptions may be used in the procurement of supplies or services. Where the use of formal specifications or standards is required, supplementary descriptive information consistent with the specification or standard may also be supplied.

Store to Store stock Transfers

Stock transfer is the act of moving goods from one part of the distribution chain to another.An internal purchase order is created for stock transfer between branches and warehouses.


An account is a record in the general ledger that is used to sort and store transactions.Financial records of an organization that register all financial transactions, and must be kept at its principal office or place of business.


A document containing information organized in a Overview Chart,Register Report,Product Quantity Alerts,Products Report,products stock (storewise),Categories Report,Daily Sales,Monthly Sales,Sales Report,Product Sales Report(brandwise detailed),Payments Report,Profit and/or Loss,Purchases Report,Customers Report,Suppliers Report,Staff Reports