What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is a tool for tracking products all over the supply chain of your business. This really optimizes the entire spectrum from placing orders with your supplier to order delivery to your customer, tracking a product’s entire journey.

The visibility generated by this Software has a big impact on the marrow line of a corporation. Through well-judged tracking of goods, businesses can minimize waste, unbridled trends, and make largest investment decisions.

Indoc Inventory management software features

1. Bar-code scanning
2.Inventory optimization
3.Stock notifications
4.Report generation
5. Multi location management
6.Stock returns handling
7.Material grouping
8.Purchase order records

Bar-code scanning
Identify and record your items easily; implement inventory management technology for instant item identification and labeling with bar code scanners.

Inventory optimization
Maintain the towardly inventory price for every service, without any item stuff over- or under-stocked. When you deal with goods that wits a periodic rise and fall in demand, it is unmistakably useful.

Stock notifications
Receive warnings and reminders if vastitude a given threshold, there is over-or under-stocking. This helps you place orders or offer promotional discounts to make up spare funds.

Report generation
View the history of sales in the form of a list of your most popular merchandise. This full-length moreover helps you to tenancy items in your inventory that have not reached the level of sales you expected, such as discounts on them.

Multilocation management
Manage multiple warehouses and outlets (POS). In a single stock management company, all locations can be integrated.

Stock returns handling
Manage returns increasingly powerfully by reducing time-to-return through automation of the shortened process.

Material grouping
Group inventory into predefined categories and ensure that you are constantly updated on the quantities of components and requirements which make up your product stock and handle their reordering schedules as required.

Purchase order records
Produce a single view of the records of the purchase order. You can hands identify which foods are in demand on an ongoing or seasonal under structure and ready to fulfill the demands of your clients.

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