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IT Infrastructure AMC Services

There is a high competition in managing IT infrastructure, which is getting more and more hectic, due to the increase in the level of technology and space. Our best IT infrastructure works as a service, it leads you to concentrate more on your business then operations.


computer Peripherals are any computer components that expand the device's functionality,and are not necessary for basic operations.each device you add to your computer is called peripheral,such as a monitor,keyboard or flash drive.

Keyboard, Mouse and Touch Pad Devices
  • A pointing tool is an input interface) allowing a user to insert spatial data into a machine. By moving a handheld mouse or similar device across the physical desktop surface and triggering switches on the mouse, CAD systems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) allow the user to manipulate and provide data to the machine using physical gestures.
Data Storage Devices
  • Computers use a variety of data storage devices that are classified in two ways: one is whether they retain the data if there is no electricity and the other is how close they are to the processor (CPU). Both types of storage are needed in all computers. In a personal computer, memory does not retain data when the electricity is off, but while it is on, it enables quick access to open files.
Audio and Video Output Devices
  • Viewing video files onscreen in the Video Player window may work just fine for many applications, but often it is necessary to display video in a large format for viewing small details and so others involved in the session can also see the video.

Indoc Provides AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services for your IT Infrastructure. We have dedicated  of all your IT resources which includes computes assembling, Hardware repair, Hardware part replacement, expanding local network, Servers, Storage, regular maintenance and checkup, software Installation, Driver Installation, Single Internet connecting to multiple computers, Network troubleshooting etc.

Non - Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract
  • In a Non- Comprehensive AMC, the cost of spare parts replacement must be borne by the customer. This usually means only service. Preventive maintenance comes under this and a consultant will advise on hardware bread down.
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract
  • In a comprehensive AMC, the analysis of breakdowns/faults in the hardware and repairing/service is taken care of by the service provider. This includes spare parts replacement. Apart from this, preventive maintenance is also done, on a pre-determined/agreed-to frequency.
Residential Engineer under Annual Maintenance Contract
  • This contract contains all the features of Comprehensive AMC with residential engineer. In this plan, our skilled & dedicated engineer(s) would available at your end during your working hours, for instant support.

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