Inventory Management

Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets  and stock items.

  • By using scanner, user can scan IMEI/Serial number in the sales page to sell the item/product.,After Selling, user can also make sale return and can be re-sale again. Editing option is available.
  • Purchase can be made as per the supplier’s invoice, so user can view the list of purchases from all the suppliers by list .In the same list of purchase, if you need to return whether it’s dead/ damaged.
Debit/Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes contains customer’s details, credit terms, total amount,outstanding balance.Credit Notes contain less information as they are issued when returned goods are received.
  • Making inventories, invoices, quotations can be quite a laborious and time consuming task and saving all the records in multiple applications can lead to a lot of scattered data that becomes difficult to review.
Product Management
  • Product can be easily added with quantity, rate with/without GST, color variants etc..;If changes required, user can able to edit the same product and every product can be tracked from start to end.
Multi Users/Branches
  • Multi Users can be managed and created, Different type of users are Super Admin, Admins and Billers. Restrictions and permissions for accessing can be made by Super Admin.
Stock Transfer
  • stock transfer between warehouses, stock wastage, raw material consumption and production of finished goods – All from a super simple interface.
Summary reports
  • Reports which includes all the Sales report, daily/monthly/yearly, products, customers, suppliers ledger reports, stock reports can be easily accessed.
GST Reports
  • Account credit/debit reports are available as per GST1/GSTR2/GSTR3B. To pay or claim the Income Tax, Indoc application will be very helpful in need.
Online Support
  • Our service lines are open throughout the day. Multiple channels are set up for you to reach us in the least time.

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